Date: 18 January 2017 12:36

QUITE ALARMING: Don’t force people to register as voters, warns David Waweru, disgusted at the news that “some politicians and other busybodies such as bar owners have gone into overdrive to compel their customers to do so”. But quite alarming, he adds, is a threat by a governor he does not name, to ensure that those without voters’ cards do not receive services in county government offices. “These services are not a favour from the governor. We have a right to register or not and should not be intimidated by anybody. This is illegal.” His contact is [email protected]


PRESIDENTIAL DREAM: Every General Election, Charles Akelo notes, reveals a little known candidate with an unattainable presidential dream. These people, he adds, enter the presidential race and go all the way to the ballot, only to vanish after losing. In 2002, it was one David Ng’ethe of Chama cha Uma, in 2007, Nixon Kukubo of the Republican Party of Kenya, Mohamud Abduba Dida turned up in 2013, and this year, it will be lawyer Philip Murgor, of the United Democratic Movement. “Do they vie for the sake of going into the history books or merely fulfilling their democratic rights?” His contact is [email protected]


CRUCIAL STEPS: Though grateful to the government for the little but crucial steps it has taken to ease the endless traffic jams on Ngong Road, especially the Japanese-sponsored two-kilometre expansion around the Kenyatta National and Nairobi hospitals, the addition of a short single lane at The Junction and some dualling at the Karen roundabout, George Forest says the problem is not over yet. A real nightmare, he adds, begins from Karen to Ngong Town in the evenings. He cannot understand why the government would ignore the main road and fix a road leading to some private residences. His contact is [email protected]


FRUSTRATED: Easy Coach Bus Company courier service customer Alex Menjo wants the management to intervene and help trace his parcel, which was sent on January 11 to Eldoret from Capital Centre Mall, Nairobi, and has not been delivered to the intended recipient to date. He has made several calls and nobody is willing to accept that the item could have got lost, and he is frustrated about “being taken around in circles”, and yet the package contained a vital item. His contact is Tel 0738696900 or email: [email protected]


RIGHT-SIZING? The massive retrenchment going on in the public and private sectors, Thomas Yebei says, is confirmation of the tough economic times being experienced. However, Thomas is unhappy with the companies that have “chosen to sugar-coat this painful process with some nice-sounding phrases”. Instead of talking about “right-sizing, downsizing, business realignment, enhancing efficiency, and resetting vision, he poses: “Why can’t they just say that they are firing people because of a difficult economic environment?” His contact is [email protected]

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