Lamu Governor Timamy declares political war against rivals ahead of polls

Lamu Governor Timamy declares political war against rivals ahead of polls

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Date: 19 January 2017 01:41

Lamu Governor Issa Timamy has said he is prepared to battle his opponents in the forthcoming general election.

Mr Timamy has also declared a political war on his rivals in the election campaigns ahead of the August 8 polls.

Addressing the public at the Lamu Fort during the launch of a Sh60 million bursary fund for secondary school students on Tuesday, a confident Timamy told his key rivals who lost in the 2013 general elections to come to the ground to face him and also show what they have done to wananchi.

Also present at the launch was Nominated MCA Amina Kale, CEC Education Hamisi Kaviha, Education Chief Officer Hafswa Difini and CEC in charge of ICT Ahmed Albeity.

Those eyeing the Lamu County seat are the former Lamu West MP Fahim Twaha (Jubilee Party), former KenGen manager Swaleh Imu and former Lamu County Council chairman Mr Abdalla Fadhil.

Another possible candidate for the Lamu gubernatorial seat is lawyer Maure Waihiga who is yet to declare his interest in public.

“The year 2017 is here. Those who disappeared for five years will now resurface but they should know that Lamu people are now clever. They cannot easily be cheated. If they bring their money it will be taken and they will not get votes,’’ said Mr Timamy.


He accused some of his opponents of land grabbing and told residents to get prepared for revenge for the injustice done to them by rejecting them in the ballot.

“I am aware that many of them grabbed land. It’s now revenge time for the grabbed lands,’’ he said.

Mr Timamy told residents not to be swayed by parties affiliated to the ruling coalition or the opposition saying some politicians are riding on the ‘big parties’ only to get votes.

He said county politics have nothing to do with the government in power as the people have the right to choose their leaders freely.

“Their days are numbered. Fahim for example, is outdated. I want all my opponents to line up and come if they are real men. I am ready for them,’’ said Mr Timamy.

He said the campaign season is yet to start and vowed to go to all corners of the county to fight for his re-election.

The governor said his rivals are full of cheap propaganda but warned them against spreading lies as it would not work well for them this time.

Apart from Mr Twaha who garnered 17,785 against Mr Timamy’s 19,744 votes in the 2013 elections, the other contestants are newcomers with substantial support base within the islands that can be a ‘headache’ to the governor.

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