Mombasa security committee says Joho sensational claims causing tension

Mombasa security committee says Joho sensational claims causing tension

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Date: 19 January 2017 03:01

Mombasa County security committee has accused Governor Ali Hassan Joho of seeking to cause tension in the county ahead of the August 8 general election.

County Commissioner Evans Achoki said the security committee is concerned over the governor’s recent trend of making sensational and unsubstantiated claims which he said are calculated at creating tension and despondency in the county as the country heads to elections.

Mr Achoki dismissed as unfortunate and untruths, claims by Mr Joho that he, together with some youth and some opposition politicians in the county are targeted for elimination in a plot by the national government.

“Some of these statements, when they are made like that in public, are meant to create unnecessary tension. There is no government which can sit and plan [to eliminate] leaders and those statements are not true,’’ Mr Achoki told journalists in Mombasa Wednesday.

Mr Achoki’s remarks came two days after Governor Joho sensationally accused the government of planning to eliminate him and some of his supporters.

Mr Joho claimed he was privy to “credible’’ intelligence of a plot which he alleged was hatched at the Uhuru na Kazi building, the offices of Coast Regional Coordinator Nelson Marwa.


But Wednesday, Mr Achoki said the government is committed to providing security to all its citizens and asked anyone who feels insecure to report to the authorities.

“If there is any leader who feels for one reason that there is a threat to his life, the best thing to do, and what the law requires, is to record a statement [at the] nearest police station so that necessary investigations can be commenced.

“I want to assure leaders of Mombasa that the government is concerned and will provide and ensure security of all leaders and its citizens. We want peace in Mombasa. We want to work together and that is what we should all strive to do,” said Mr Achoki.

This is the second time the security team is accusing Mr Joho of causing tension in the county by inciting people.

Last week, Mr Marwa accused Mr Joho of generating acrimony against the national government and the police after he “stormed” the regional police headquarters.

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