Media moments the Obama sisters can never erase

Media moments the Obama sisters can never erase

Media moments the Obama sisters can never erase (09 August 2017 10:38)

Date: 19 January 2017 13:18

When Malia popped up on Snapchat...twice

While on a fall college tour in 2015, Malia Obama decided to partake in (or at least observe) some traditional collegiate activities at Brown University. The Daily Caller (via US Weekly) published a Snapchat screenshot of the First Daughter standing close to a table littered with red plastic cups. Twitter exploded with observations from Brown students. "Standing next to Malia Obama at a party nbd," one tweet reportedly read. Buzzfeed reported an anonymous Tweeter claimed Obama was taking shots as well.

Brown students later apologized for the leaked photos through their student newspaper, The Brown Daily Herald. Their letter voiced their regret at not having any "chill" when it came to Obama's long weekend visit.

That wasn't the only time Malia had been photographed near a beer pong game. In the summer of 2016, The Daily Mail obtained a photo of the First Daughter via Snapchat standing next to a table full of red cups and beer cans. She was allegedly at a house party in Maryland, and wasn't seen with any alcohol or drinking, but it still went viral in a hurry. The Maryland party came just days after police at Martha's Vineyard reportedly broke up a party near where the Obama's vacation in the summer. One of the guests rumored to have been told to leave the wild affair was the 18-year-old Malia. It was never confirmed if she was actually there though, as it was cited as a matter of "national security," according to the Boston Herald.

When the girls acted like typical teenagers at the turkey pardoning

Admittedly, the annual Presidential Turkey Pardoning can sometimes be a corny ceremony. Throw in a few dad jokes, and you have a cringe-worthy time for any teenager. Both Sasha and Malia were criticized for seeming disinterested at the event in 2014, and it was harsh. According to the Independent Journal Review, GOP staffer Elizabeth Lauten called out both teens, telling them to "Dress like you deserve respect, not a spot at the bar" and "certainly don't make faces during televised, public events." Lauten later apologized.

It wasn't the first year the girls had to endure the dad embarrassment, though. Since 2009, they endured jokes from President Obama like, "I want to take a moment to recognize the brave turkeys who weren't so lucky, who didn't get to ride the gravy train to freedom." Can anyone really blame them for rolling their eyes?

For their last turkey pardon in 2016, the First Daughters were given a reprieve of their own, and chose not to attend the ceremony. President Obama's much younger nephews came out to see the turkeys instead, according to the Daily Mail.

When Sasha met Ryan Reynolds at the State Dinner

In a moment relatable to sisters everywhere (if sisters everywhere met celebs on the regular), Malia Obama played wing-woman for her sister Sasha when the younger Obama met actor Ryan Reynolds. The girls were attending their first State Dinner in 2016, dressed to the nines in ballgowns, when a photographer snapped a perfect image of the two. Sasha, who was 14 at the time, is in the foreground standing across from Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds. She looked giddy with excitement, and was smiling with her hands moving. Adorably, older sister Malia is in the background with both hands in a thumbs-up gesture and smiling at her sister. Social media went crazy when the photo was released.

When the girls took an inauguration selfie

Being a daughter of the President doesn't necessarily mean not acting like normal teens. Take the 2013 Presidential inauguration — both Malia and Sasha were seasoned veterans at that point, having gone through their father's first Inauguration four years ago. While the inaugural parade was going on, both Sasha and Malia whipped out their phones and started taking selfies, according to Buzzfeed. At one point, Malia even made a duck face.

Sasha even tried to take a photo of her parents stealing a kiss, but Malia swooped in at the last minute and completely photobombed the moment. Talk about being comfortabe in the spotlight!

When Malia's Instagram photo leaked

Early in 2015, a grainy image emerged of a teenage girl fixing her long, dark hair and staring into the camera. The girl was Malia Obama, in what the New York Post called "one of her first social media leaks since her father took office six years ago." In this day and age, that's a pretty admirable record for a teenager. The Instagram photo was found on Brooklyn rap collective Pro Era's account. The teen sported a white t-shirt with the band's logo. The group is led by rapper Joey Bada$$, who was arrested and charged with assault while on tour in New Zealand, according to Page Six.

According to the Washington Post, a rep for Bada$$ said the photo was not Photoshopped, and they got it from a mutual friend of one of the group's members.

Until this photo was released, it was hard to get an idea of the First Daughter's musical tastes. That being said, Pro Era is a far cry from Malia's music favorites in 2009 — the Jonas Brothers surprised Malia and her sister Sasha in the East Room as part of a scavenger hunt to get to know their way around the White House.

When Malia allegedly smoked at Lollapalooza

Newly graduated from high school, first kid Malia decided to head to Chicago to attend Lollapalooza in the summer of 2016. After the festival, Radar Online released a video, allegedly showing Malia smoking a cigarette that may or may not have contained marijuana. The New York Post reported the older Obama daughter was in the background smoking, while a girl danced and stuck her tongue out in the foreground. A witness allegedly reported that Obama was smoking weed. There were also photos and videos of her twerking at the concert.

President Obama's former rival's daughter, Meghan McCain, stuck up for Malia's actions, calling out the New York Post's Connor Ryan on Twitter, telling him and Page Six to "leave Malia Obama alone!" Days after the incident, Malia was spotted wearing a "Smoking Kills" t-shirt — perhaps a tongue-in-cheek reference?

President Obama admitted in his memoir he smoked pot and "maybe a little blow," according to The New York Times. Marijuana was decriminalized in Illinois, where Malia was allegedly caught smoking pot.

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