Mourinho stalked by female fan who 'has hots for him'

Mourinho stalked by female fan who 'has hots for him'

Date: 19 January 2017 18:13

The Portuguese has attracted a new arrival at Old Trafford, though not one he can register to his Red Devils squad for the remainder of the season


The January transfer window; a time in which supporters and members of the media lurk outside football stadiums in order to report on the latest scoop.

One fan, however, who is supposed to work in the media, has taken her 'lurking' to the next level. 

Reports from The Sun suggest the Manchester United manager is being stalked by an Italian lady, who has been following the Portuguese since his days in charge of Chelsea.

United have told their security staff to stop the lady from entering Old Trafford and the club’s training HQ, as well as those looking after the hotel in which Mourinho currently resides.

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“The issue dates back to his time at Chelsea and possibly longer," a source told The Sun.

“She’s very persistent and appears to have the hots for him.

Jose Mourinho

“She works in the media and has previously been granted accreditation for matches.

“She always seems very keen to speak to Jose, to the point where it’s a bit odd.”

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