AVRIL: Staying true

AVRIL: Staying true

Date: 13 May 2017 11:06

People always think I’m this sweet girl who cannot cross any line. Uko was very raw because… I will admit there were so many things that were happening that I felt I could write about. My music is inspired by situations and things that I’m going through and the best way to acquire that sort of inspiration was for me to get into my own space and provoke thought. That was it that was the inspiration. As for what people think about my song(s), it’s not like I don’t see people commenting, tweeting, blogging... I see all these things but I choose never to react because at the end of the day I’m not the kind of woman who has to follow up on each and everything someone has to say about me. It’s very exhausting. In fact, you have given me inspiration to write music with them.


Uko came to me one night when I was jamming with my producer Cedo. I kept on telling him that I felt like doing something different. We had just released Zile Vitu with Kenrazy and I needed another direction so I kept on giving him ideas. We were supposed to release other songs but I told him my first song this year had to be this one. Immediately I recorded Uko I had an attachment to it. I’d wanted to shoot a video for so long at Lord Egerton Castle and my initial thought was a flowery set but I decided to flip the script and go ‘dark’ largely because people don’t know that side of Avril.


I sampled Beyonce’s Jealous in the video. I also sampled Rockabye on the bridge. I think I was just in love with that song so much that when I was recording I didn’t even notice I had done that melody until Cedo pointed it out. Story boards are always inspired by other people’s works, inspiration comes from everywhere. Yes I was inspired a lot by Beyonce’s video. I did not copy and paste anything. I thought Jealous was so cool, it shows anger and Uko has anger in it. Look, I’ve made a meal for you then you send flowers and tell me you’re not coming, and this is like the 15th time you’ve done it in a month, of course I’m going to get mad. We created a story around a person who is in a relationship and is probably not getting the attention she deserves, I related it to my life and all the stories on the blogs. All those people who are talking about me, where are you to defend me?  Many times you find yourself in situations where your friends are not there when you need them the most so you filter them out of your life.


This song is not directed at anyone, I know at some point people will think it is but it’s not. We all have things in our lives that we want to talk about. I’m not petty, relationships come and go, not the passionate ones only, even with friends, and they come and go. I felt I needed to sing about it. This is the first interview I’ve given about this song actually. I haven’t spoken about it because I knew everyone will have an interpretation of this song.


I’m an introvert, I keep things to myself. When people come at me with their moods and attitudes I will just look at them. But there are times when you get sick and tired. I threw an object at someone once when I was mad. But I have noticed it happens with specific people in my life. And that’s why I always get rid of them.


I don’t do cliques and entourages. I feel you should be your own person. I have hanger-ons but I avoid them because that’s how the media comes up with lines like ‘sources reveal or someone close to the source...’ If I’m not in the studio or working, I’m in my house chilling, watching Netflix or Showtime. I try to keep to myself as much as I can.


There are things I have done that my mother is not entirely proud of. But she is my biggest supporter, she is my best friend and we talk about anything and everything. She always defends me and her favourite line is ‘kama mtoto wangu ni mbaya wewe enda ukashugulikie watoto wako’ (If my child is bad, then go deal with yours) (Laughs). Some of my relationships she will just tell me ‘Nyambura I don’t think you’re going anywhere with him.’ She’s open and liberal.


My mother actually liked my ex boyfriend, but it got to a point where she felt there was a disconnect, and she mentioned it. Mums always know, and immediately she told me that... many times we ignore what our parents tell us. By the time your mum or dad is telling you something trust me, they’ve seen something.


I have a few endorsements. I’m working with Cheza Cash and we have been doing activations here and there. There’s something else I will be doing this year that I have not done before and it is going to be bigger but I cannot reveal what it is yet. I’m still part of the Oriflame family and there’s a reality show that Marya and I are featured in but I can’t say more than that.


I don’t have the confidence to star in my own reality show. You leave yourself bare, I think I would have to script a lot of things. When people follow me around day to day that’s fine but when it comes to digging into my personal life especially the emotional stuff, I don’t have the strength for that. I have watched Nairobi Diaries and I think those men and women are strong, I don’t have the capacity for that.



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