Loving tribute to matriachs of selfless service

Loving tribute to matriachs of selfless service

Date: 13 May 2017 11:41

The matriarchs of Pangani Muslims who nurtured the cause of upholding Islamic traditions, moral values and selfless service to the community and humanity at large were paid a glowing and loving tribute at the recent celebration to mark the 14th Anniversary of Pangani Mosque Women’s Committee.

The celebration at Sir Ali Muslim Club hosted hundreds of ladies for a Saturday afternoon of remembrance, fun and entertainment by members of the committee followed by refreshments.

The construction and formation of Pangani mosque and contribution by founder of the women’s committee Resham Bibi Ashraf and other pioneer ladies like Maqsuda Yunis in upholding sacred traditions of reverence to faith  and the establishment of madrassas for ladies and service to the unfortunate in the society was applauded.

Ashraf’s daughter Parveen Adam the enviable Kenyan radio royalty, social worker and champion of women’s rights has painstakingly carried forward the legacy of her mother as chairperson of the present committee. The committee has executed various projects not only for the religious and social welfare of the community but also activities relating to interfaith understanding. She has steered the committee to greater heights of devotion and service.

The guests, besides being enlightened on the contribution of the matriarchs were treated to enjoyable performances. Recitations of Qaseeda Burdha Shareef and Naats displayed religious devotion whilst a fashion show displaying ethnic wear, a comical skit about a rogue priest conning gullible ladies and a radio prank call executed by Parveen were an entertaining dose.

Pangani Mosque for me is a centre of religious enlightenment and interfaith understanding. As a child I witnessed the construction of the mosque by craftsmen.

The day was indeed a success. Pangani Mosque Women’s committee congratulations for putting up a fun filled religiously inspiring  celebration.


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