The evolution of dating

The evolution of dating

Date: 13 May 2017 11:51

Young people date just for fun. So more or less everything goes. Their relationships are usually pretty short, and to be honest, young couples don’t usually treat each other very well! Far too little affection, far too much sex, far too much cheating — and very little commitment! 

But sooner or later, you get to feel you’re too old for all that. And so you start looking for someone who’s serious. Someone who’ll stick around, treat you well, and you could maybe even marry. But after all those hectic early hookups, do you even know what a good relationship looks like? How can you tell when you’re with someone who’s serious?

Well, someone who’s serious never leaves you wondering how much you mean to them. They’re always affectionate, and you always feel loved and appreciated. Because when someone truly loves you, you always know. But if they don’t, you’ll always be worrying.

They constantly support you, whatever it is you want to do. They’re never jealous of your successes or say things that make you feel inadequate. In fact they inspire you! Not just supporting you, but pushing you on. And their own drive and ambition rubs off on you. Because they’re always trying to improve themselves. Learning new skills, reading new books, studying…

You can trust them. You know that they’re faithful and genuine from everything they do and everything they say. They never drop off the radar or go silent on you. You always know where they are, what they’re doing, and who they’re with. The way they look at you and touch you, notice new clothes or hairstyles, and compliment them, means you always feel confident about your appearance — even when you’re slobbing out together. 

You feel safe with them. You disagree and argue, of course, but things never get abusive. Your arguments are calm, focused, and you’re never afraid they might fly off the handle, overreact, or become controlling. They open up to you. Never sulking, or bottling up their feelings. You never find yourself wondering what’s wrong.  They’re always honest with you. And you feel comfortable being genuine and honest with them. In fact they encourage you to share your feelings, and you know you’ll never be judged, no matter what you tell them.

They always stand by you — even when you’re wrong! There’ll be good times and bad times, of course. Unexpected problems and challenges. But they’re always on your side. Because anybody can be by your side when the sun’s shining. The real test is whether they’re still there when it’s not.

You’re with someone like this? Well make sure you’re a serious partner for them too! And let them know just how much you appreciate them. Because there’s no worse feeling than giving your heart to someone who takes it for granted.


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