Uliza Kiatu video took six months to shoot

Uliza Kiatu video took six months to shoot

Date: 13 May 2017 13:06

Did you know that it took a whole six months for H_Art The Band to shoot the video for their break out song Uliza Kiatu? In a long post on Instagram, the band details why it took half a year to shoot the video and one of the reasons is because, well, like every other artiste starting out they were broke.

“… As the perfectionists we pretend to be, the video had to come out as we had pictured it in our heads (perfect) and we didn’t have the finances to make this possible. Two, the song had become bigger than us and we figured it needed a big budget video to complement it. Truth is, we were broke as a broken H_Art but we always believe if you set your mind to doing something then the money will always follow,” reads the post.

But even after the six months were over the band soon realised that fans did not really care much about the video as they did the song, which now has close to one million views since 2014.

“After all the hustle we went through in the making of this video not many people knew about it (the video)  because they already loved the audio so much to even care if it had a video. I wish they informed us earlier instead of letting us use all our savings. Jokes aside this video opened our eyes to many video shooting possibilities and taught us so much…”

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