Governors to blame for high food prices — Wa Iria

Governors to blame for high food prices — Wa Iria

Date: 14 May 2017 04:56

Governors should be blamed for the high food prices and not President Uhuru Kenyatta, Murang'a county boss Mwangi Wa Iria has said.

The governor hit out at the Opposition for pointing an accusing finger at the Jubilee administration over the high cost of food while agriculture was a devolved function.

“It is not the responsibility of the President to reduce unga prices. It is upon the governors to ensure that their people are food secure,” he said while speaking at Ihura Stadium in Murang'a County during the issuance of Jubilee Party certificates.

While defending the Jubilee administration Mr Wa Iria noted that the President cannot be held responsibility for all the problems in the country.

“Instead of pointing an accusing finger at the President they should point the same finger in their direction. He cannot take responsibility for all the problems while we have devolved units,” he said.


Mr Wa Iria said that every governor had a constitutional responsibility to ensure that food prices are tamed by improving food production.

Kenyans are now contending with high food prices due to scarcity of foodstuffs in the country raising the cost of living.

Mr Wa Iria accused governors of being failures in their respective counties and thus contributing to the current situation.

He further lashed out at governors allied to the Opposition criticising President Kenyatta’s performance and campaigning for National Super Alliance flag bearer Raila Odinga.

“Those governors attacking Jubilee administration’s development record should re-examine themselves,”he said.

Food prices have dominated conversations among Kenyans in the past week, with most people decrying the cost of basic food commodities.

Prices surged to 11.5 per cent at the beginning of this month, compared to a 10.3 per cent rise in the previous month, according to a report by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics.

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